The upcoming Robocop reboot film has a mobile game tie-in, and it's available right now for free.

It's free to download with microstransactions related to the weapons Mr. Robocop can equip. You can check out a trailer for the game below. In the game, you play as Robocop where you can, "Shoot your way through console quality training simulations," upgrade your weapons, use your heat vision to detect enemy weak points, and call in drone strikes.

As mentioned above, the iOS version of the game is available now, and you can grab it here. An Android version is planned as well, but won't be available until January 15. Robocop hits North American theaters on February 12.


Our Take
The mobile game accompaniment for the upcoming Robocop film doesn't look very good, but at at least you don't have to pay for it? It's actually a huge missed marketing opportunity that Glu Games didn't charge a dollar for it.