Before E3 last year, Gameloft announced that it would release another mobile entry in Gearbox's classic Brothers In Arms shooter series, but we finally got a chance to see the game in action at CES.

Brothers In Arms 3 for mobile devices takes a new approach to the series. While previous entries tried to emulate the shooter controls of a console, this Brothers was build for more streamlined controls; now you swipe from one position to the next and your soldier automatically moves to that destination. To shoot enemies you simply have to tap on them. You can still shoot while you move and collect new weapons and tools, but you also call in other brothers in your squad to flank your enemies or fire a rocket launcher for a devastating effect. The game is simple fun, but it's also one of the best looking mobile games out there, as you can see based on these screens.

Players can look forward to completing over 100 levels stretching across the World War II theater when Brothers In Arms 3 releases for iOS, Android, and Windows phones sometime in the next few months. At least you won't have to take a big risk on the title since it will be free to play. Check out some more screens below.