Update: Publisher 505 Games let us know that the PC version of Rekoil (which will be called just that) will be out on January 28 on Steam. Additionally, the price on Xbox Live for Rekoil: Liberator will be $14.99.


Original Story:

Plastic Piranha has confirmed the release date for its first title, the arena shooter formerly known as Rekoil. The title will be coming this month to Xbox Live (on Xbox 360) as Rekoil: Liberator. The game will arrive on January 29, 2014.

The Steam store page lists the original name (which could be an intentional move to distinguish the two experiences) and a non-specific February 2014 release. No price is listed for the Xbox Live version, but Rekoil is available for pre-purchase via Steam for $10.19 (a discount from the regular price of $14.99).

[Source: @RekoilTheGame]


Our Take
I played Rekoil at PAX and enjoyed it, though it was still in rough form. If a healthy amount of polish has been applied, Rekoil has a chance of capturing the attention of shooter fans and professionals.