Have you downloaded (or at least “purchased” the licenses) for all of your December PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection titles? If not make some time to do that soon, as games will start rotating off the service in the near future, including two from this month.

When the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, Urban Trial Freestyle for PlayStation Vita will become free for Plus members. This marks the final game in December’s lineup.

This is also your last week to get Contrast for PlayStation 4 and Grid 2 for PlayStation 3. Starting on January 7, a new PS4 game will join the collection. Klei’s Don’t Starve will be free from launch for PlayStation Plus members.

For the full rundown of December’s games, click here. You can also read up on the games coming over the next month.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
We didn’t love Urban Trial Freestyle on the PS3 (and the Vita version is similar), but after a strong lineup in December and an equally impressive set of offerings in January, I’m more than willing to forgive this. With Don’t Starve right around the corner, even if you pass up this week’s game, you’ll have something to look forward to on January 7.