It's been a rough Christmas for online video game services, and Nintendo seems to have experienced the worst of it. A handful of tweets from Nintendo points to everything being back to normal, with no more network outtages planned anytime soon.

Pending any future unforeseen overloads or necessary updates, you can now download Wii, Wii U, DSi, and 3DS games and play online without any problems.

The Pokémon Bank And Poké Transporter, on the other hand, are both still offline. The two services were originally supposed to release on December 27, but the Christmas rush of new users and downloads forced Nintendo to delay them to an unspecified future date. According to the tweet above, Nintendo will offer an update on the services soon.

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Our Take
Nintendo's decision to delay the Pokémon Bank And Poké Transporter to a later date was a smart one. When the two release, it will undoubtedly be a very popular service, especially when you consider that it will be free initially. Focusing on the network issues first, instead of throwing more at it, will pay off in the long run. I'm sure the delay will be reasonable, considering that it was meant to be ready a few days ago.