After premiering on the DS in 2006, making stops on iOS, Android, PlayStation 3, and Ouya, the Final Fantasy III 3D remake has made its way to the Windows Phone.

It's the only way, at the moment, to get Xbox Live achievements for playing the game, but the price is somewhat steep compared to most mobile games. The game is $15.99, but there is a free trial of the game if you want to get a taste.

To pick up the game, head here.

[Source: Windows Phone via, Joystiq]


Our Take
As a gaming platform, Windows Phone tends to lag behind iOS and Android in terms of its library, so it's good to see a game like Final Fantasy III show up on the service. Despite the high price (which is typical of most of Square Enix mobile games), I'm sure Windows Phone users are happy to have a classic RPG to play.