Steam's leaked sales turned out to be accurate, as today's list of discounted games are exactly the ones we expected them to be. You've got strategy, action, puzzle, RPG , and truck driving choices today. It's good mix of titles.

  • Total War: Rome II - $29.97 (Regularly $59.95)
  • Might & Magic Heroes VI - $7.49 (Regularly $29.99)
  • Deadlight - $2.99 (Regularly $14.99)
  • Fallout: New Vegas - $2.49 (Regularly $9.99)
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 - $6.24 (Regularly $24.99)
  • The Swapper - $5.09 (Regularly $14.99)
  • Spelunky - $3.74 (Regularly $14.99)
  • Risk of Rain - $6.69 (Regularly $9.99)
  • Mass Effect 2 - $4.99 (Regularly $19.99)

To see yesterday's sales, head here. The flash sales turn over every eight hours, as does the community vote. You can also see tomorrow's leaked sales by heading here. If today is any indication, the leaked list of sales for Monday should be accurate.


Our Take
Today I recommend The Swapper. It was a game I played during our Top 50 Challenge earlier this year, and it is a very cool, very creepy game with some fantastic puzzles. It's also one that didn't get as much attention as it probably deserved when it released. It is absolutely worth $5.