Billy Joe Cain is a Defender champion. He recently took part in a 32 hour marathon high score attempt on the game. Resogun is often compared to Defender, and Cain recently wrote up some of his thoughts on the game.

Cain doesn't hold the record for overall highest score in Defender, but he he does hold the record for highest refereed and recorded score on He also won a statewide Defender championship in Texas as a child. He is a practiced Defender player, and he finally sat down to play some Resogun and see how it compares.

You can check out the full blog with his thoughts here. Overall, he's a fan, saying, "It's more like Defender than any of the previous Defender-like games. And that's a damn good thing, because there really hasn't been anything like Defender in a LONG time. Maybe ever, including all of the 'ports' of Defender."

To read our review of Resogun, head here. You can also look out for an interview with Cain about his marathon attempt at Defender in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

[Source: Billy Joe Cain, Defendering]


Our Take
Resogun has rightfully been compared to Defender since it was first shown off. The two games share a lot of similarities. It's interesting to hear from someone who has played an absurd amount of Defender to see how it truly compares against what is one of the PlayStation 4's most popular games at the moment.