The Steam Holiday Sale stops for no man and no holiday. This Christmas brings another round of Steam discounts.

This batch gives players the opportunity to slay dragons, rob banks, and take a football team to victory. Here’s the full list:

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director’s Cut - $4.99 (Regularly $19.99)
  • Endless Space - Emperor Edition - $7.49 (Regularly $29.99)
  • Europa Universalis IV - $19.99 (Regularly $39.99)
  • Football Manager 2014 - $24.99 (Regularly $49.99)
  • Payday 2 - $13.49 (Regularly $29.99)
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum - $5.99 (Regularly $19.99)
  • Skyrim - $7.99 (Regularly $29.99)
  • Terraria - $2.49 (Regularly $9.99)
  • Trials Evolution Gold Edition - $4.99 (Regularly $19.99)

Be sure to also check out yesterday’s deals, which are still active for another 24 hours. Also, remember to visit the Steam storefront every eight hours for a new batch of flash deals and a new community vote.


Our Take
If you missed 2011’s Deus Ex reboot, the $4.99 price tag for the Director’s Cut is a great value. It features improved boss battles, New Game +, and the two extra missions integrated into the story in proper chronology.

Skyrim for $7.99 (and the Legendary Edition with all DLC for $20.39 is also worth paying attention to). Finally, if you are looking for a great sandbox exploration and crafting experience, Terraria for $2.49 is more than worth that price tag.