If you’re a criminal, the worst holiday surprise is Batman punching you from the shadows. If you’re a gamer though, that might just be something you’re interested in. Warner Bros. is teasing something new for the Arkham series that it will be revealing on New Year’s Eve.

Yesterday, the official Batman Arkham Twitter account suggested that we set aside December 31, 2013, for a special announcement. It will be revealed on the series’ Facebook page. With just over a week to wait, what do you think we’ll be learning about the Arkham series?

[Source: @BatmanArkham]


Our Take
My guess is that we’ll be learning the details of the Arkham Origins story DLC. For Arkham City, Robin starred in Harley Quinn’s Revenge. Could we be meeting the Boy Wonder for the first time? Will Deathstroke get the spotlight? Maybe this is just Calendar Man’s Big Adventure?