Drinkbox Studios appears to be readying an updated version of Guacamelee for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The update reportedly includes new worlds, new enemies, and new abilities, including a “chicken bomb.”

The news comes directly from designer Chris McQuinn, who was speaking with IGN. Unfortunately, that story has since been pulled, and a statement issued to Joystiq from McQuinn demurs on the matter. A comment given to Polygon is even stranger, in which the studio simply said, “What’s Guacamelee?”

The IGN story also includes details on an upcoming mobile title called "Slash." The art style is said to be grittier than the studio's past work, which also includes Vita launch title Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.

We’ve reached out to Drinkbox Studios for comment. Should we receive one, we’ll update this story. For more on the original release of Guacamelee, check out our review.

[Source: IGN (since removed) (cached version), via EGM, Joystiq, Polygon]


Our Take
It’s not uncommon for a developer to let something slip out early, but the events following the original story aren’t typical. At this point, it seems pretty likely that we can expect Guacamelee on Xbox One and PS4. It’s just a matter of when.