Over a year after the Wii U arrived at retail, consumers (and even some retailers) aren’t completely clear exactly what the Wii U is. Especially since it’s on the shelf next to Wii and Wii Mini, consumers are often at the mercy of store clerks to help explain the differences.

A new commercial released by Nintendo is designed to help detail what the system brings to the table. This includes Miiverse, the Gamepad, the software lineup, and off-screen play. You can check it out for yourself below. Do you think this will help people who are confused about the different consoles?


Our Take
When Nintendo announced that it was calling the new system the “Wii U,” many people scratched their heads (as you can see in this video from last year). That name has caused Nintendo more problems than anything else with the Wii U, largely because a commercial like the one above wasn’t around at launch to help explain to people why they should get one.

“Just look for the U on the box” may sound trite, but giving parents and more casual consumers something to remember will make a big difference when staring at shelves full of similarly named consoles. It’s a shame that Nintendo has to resort to something so blunt as this, but it’s an even bigger shame that the company didn’t do it sooner.