Gone Home was one of this year’s most captivating tales. It told the story of a sister arriving at her family’s new home after a semester abroad. When she arrives, she finds only a note from her sister urging her to leave well enough alone and not go searching.

Fan Seth Macy has received an all-clear from The Fullbright Company to de-make Gone Home using RPG Maker XP. He’s shared the first few screenshots of his project, which will recreate the experience in 16-bit RPG form. You can read up on Gone Home in our review.

[Source: @SethMacyimgur]


Our Take
Gone Home was one of my favorite experiences of the year, and I’m curious to find out what difference a change in perspective and aesthetics will have. Unfortunately, the sense of discovery on the second playthrough will be muted. However, this de-make may hold surprises of its own as Macy tackles the challenges of translating Gone Home.