Activision has tuned up a few aspects of Call of Duty: Ghosts and added a new playlist to most platforms on which the title appears. If you feel like you want more health, Heavy Duty is for you.

The new playlist is the opposite of Hardcore, which shaves player lifespan down quite a bit. Additionally, the update adds new loadouts for Infected mode and grants each soldier five squad points that first five levels of progression.

Balancing updates include a couple of changes for sniper rifles, including a reduction in the Focus perk when using a Sniper Rifle (you’ll find yourself flinching a bit more) and slower aim-down-sights speed.

You’ll also notice that picking up field orders now grants players 100 experience points. Lastly, the patch fixes the unlimited perks and invisibility glitches.

The update is live now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. There’s no word on whether the Wii U version will see a similar update.

[Source: Call of Duty: Ghosts]


Our Take
Unless you use sniper rifles, this update is filled with good news. For players of diminished skill (like myself) the Heavy Duty playlist is a welcome addition. I do prefer when I’m on my feet for more than five seconds before respawning.