A new patch for Killzone: Shadow Fall was deployed yesterday, adding team-based voice chat, color blind support, HUD and radar improvements, the ability to mute players, increased movement speed while using the cloak, and other tweaks all to the multiplayer component. The patch also fixes several exploits and crashes players have been experiencing.

Guerrilla Games released a Q&A video with game director Steven ter Heide that details the patch changes. Players in the community have told Game Informer that the new voice chat functionality is not defaulted to on, so you'll need to dive into the menus to activate it. You can find the entire list of patch notes on Guerrilla Games' official forum.

The image above is Guerrilla Games' holiday card.


Our Take
This is a big update that addresses bugs and exploits and adds new functionality to the mix. Guerrilla Games is clearly listening to its community, and is making changes to improve the experience. Here's hoping the support continues in 2014.