Atlus and Vanillaware have rolled out the fifth and final update for RPG brawler Dragon’s Crown. If you’re playing on PS3 or Vita, be sure to update your game for a host of improvements and tweaks.

This update includes some general stability improvements, but the focus is largely on new and improved features. There have been some adjustments to character class skills, Colosseum rules regarding equipment have been revised, and there have been some tweaks to NPC behavior.

A new, randomly generated dungeon called the Tower of Mirages has also been added. This can be accessed by playing in Ultimate difficulty, which becomes available after clearing ninth Labyrinth of Chaos level.

The new difficulty ups the level cap from 99 to 255. Additionally, the opening of the game is streamlined for alternate characters, allowing players to skip the first quests. Additionally, previously cleared Guild quests can be skipped in subsequent playthroughs. You can read our review here.


Our Take
Atlus and Vanillaware have added a lot to Dragon’s Crown since its release earlier this year (including cross-play between the PS3 and Vita). The character variety and gorgeous (and yes, sometimes absurd) art style make it a game I’ve enjoyed returning to time and again. If you can look past the exaggerated female forms, there’s a fun brawler with deep RPG elements waiting.