The popular topic of the week centered on the transition between the last-generation and next-generation consoles. While some gamers chose to remember favorite games and moments from the past, others are looking forward to how the new consoles will shape the future of gaming.

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GIO 2014 Fantasy Football League Scoreboard – Playoffs Round 1
This week marks the first round of the playoffs to see what member of the GIO Fantasy Football League is going to win the championship. Cerpintaxman summarizes all of the action and the rankings here.

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My Top 10 Favorite Games From The 7th Generation
Like so many others with fond memories of games we can now call last generation, BestNinjaNacho picks some favorites and explains why they're so memorable.

5 Characters That Deserve The Spotlight!
O'Dell Harmon expects the recently released next-generation consoles to also usher in a new roster of heroes, but he isn't ready to forget about some noteworthy names worth remembering.

Realism Versus Art: Fight!
Whether you own one of the new consoles or not, chances are you have seen footage showing off how powerful they are. Turkey wonders how this will influence developers and video game graphics.

What I'd Like To See From Dragon Age: Inquisition
Jon Gregory exhaustively explores the history of the Dragon Age series, complete with lots of background industry information, then discusses what he'd like to see from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Top 11 Bows In Recent Video Game History
At Game Informer Online, you are likely to find a Top Ten (or 11) list for just about any topic you can think of. This one from John Wrek lists his favorite games that allow you to use a bow and arrow.

Top 10 Annoying Companions
If you read the above blog description and thought I was kidding, well think again. Top 10 Annoying Companions might be a common theme, but this is thegodofwine7's version and worth reading.

Why Episodic Gaming Is Worth Tuning Into
The business model of releasing games as episodes seems to garner mixed results in terms of profitability and popularity. Tim Gruver joins the debate with a perspective that praises the arrangement.

ADVENTure Game Calendar
Noobtubin8er continues counting down the days until Christmas with his ADVENTure game calendar series, and you can find all of the daily posts at his blog page.

Blurred Lines: The End Of Generations
Longtime blogger Stranger has kind of been a stranger around here lately, but returns with a piece discussing the transition between the last generation and next generation of video game consoles.

Community Reviews:

Ryse: Son Of Rome Review
Boss Kowbel posts a great review of Ryse: Son of Rome highlighting the game's strengths and weaknesses with a fair and unbiased perspective that could help you decide whether you might like it.

Ben 10 Omniverse Two Review
Buddy Acker reviews a video game based off the critically acclaimed TV series Ben 10, but awards Ben 10 Omniverse 2 a mediocre score due to its boring gameplay and clunky camera.

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The Jacked Up Indie & Mojo Show Season 2 Episode 28
Daniel, Jack, and Jeremy collaborate to discuss whether games need to be fun. And if you just can't get enough of the show, it's your lucky day. Season 2 Episode 29 is also available now. Enjoy.

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