Artist Christopher Behr spent nearly a year creating a digital, three-dimensional version of Onett, and it's gorgeous.

Behr has a full gallery of images of his new Onett on his website, which you can see here. You can also pick up large prints of the images by heading here.

Nintendo finally re-released Earthbound on the Wii U Virtual Console earlier this year, which we were all very happy and excited to have, but this makes me want more. Seeing what a new Earthbound (or Mother if you prefer the Japanese name) might look like makes me hope more than ever that Nintendo will someday return to the franchise, remake this game, or at the very least, release Mother 3 (possibly to be re-titled Earthbound 2) for the first time in North America.

Even if Nintendo doesn't want to make the game in-house, I have a pretty good suggestion for a developer that I think could make a fantastic Earthbound game.

[Source: Christopher Behr, via NeoGAF, Reddit]