Many prospective pilots had already tweaked their starships and were awaiting the green light for engaging other fighters in Star Citizen. But some developmental turbulence is delaying takeoff slightly.

In a letter to its backers and fans, Chris Roberts revealed the development team will hold off a while longer on releasing the Dogfighting Module that promised to allow gamers to take their ships for a test flight while Roberts Space Industries continued to balance the performance. However, Roberts says this isn't necessarily indicative of a further delay for the final release.

"The initial plan was to release a preliminary build for feedback towards the end of this month," Roberts wrote in a new blog entry. "However after much deliberation I’ve decided to push this back. As I explained during the live stream, we’ve been debating internally what would be the best use of time and resources for the overall development of the game, to keep as close as possible to our original schedule of the alpha of Star Citizen’s persistent universe towards the end of 2014, and the 'public' release 2015."


Our Take
Delays never feel good, but given the piecemeal way Roberts Space Industries is rolling out elements of Star Citizen, it was bound to happen. As long as the final version isn't delayed to infinity and beyond, this could ultimately be the best thing for the project.