An auction following the collapse of 38 Studios yielded results, with some of the assets going to bidders. The Big Huge Games trademark and two game properties have new owners, though the details of who bid and who won haven’t yet been revealed.

Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends (originally published by Microsoft in 2003 and 2006 respectively) have been sold. The total for these intellectual properties and the Big Huge Games name was $320,000. 

No acceptable bids were received for the in-development Project Copernicus MMO or 38 Studios’ social platform Helios. Joystiq reports that sources close to the matter reveal issues with the Amalur and Rise of Nations/Legends properties because of existing connections to publishers.

In other words, whomever now owns the two games will be working with Microsoft to iron out details. If there is eventually a new owner for Amalur, that party will need to work with EA to get clear of the existing arrangements.

The court-appointed receiver, Richard J. Land, will continue to seek a buyer for the remaining properties, including Amalur. We’ll update once we know who now owns the two lots that did receive acceptable bids.

[Source: Joystiq]


Our Take
Things aren’t looking good for the future of Amalur. 38 Studios’ first and only game had a lot going for it, and that world could have blossomed into something special. If you’re holding your breath waiting for another installment, it might be time fill your lungs with sweet, sweet oxygen.