Namco Bandai is getting ready to reveal the next Tales of game in a few days, and as the countdown draws to a close more details have been added to the tease.

Website Gematsu has been keeping an eye on the site and translating the details as they emerge. An image of some kind has been fading in on the left page, while a series of sentences have been appearing on the right page. The latest sentence reads, "Before they were aware, they disappeared from peoples’ memories only to be called legends… But the darkness is once again trying to cover the world.” Gematsu has the full translation of the text on its site.

The words don't offer much insight into exactly what's in store for the next Tales game, but some assumptions about what the game's story will cover can be drawn from the text.

[Source: Next Tales, via Gematsu]


Our Take
Every Tales game, with a few exceptions, has been an original story with completely new ideas and characters, so it's difficult to draw worthwhile conclusions from just a few sentences. Whatever is in store for the series, however, we'll find out more in a few days.