In a recent interview, EA Studios executive vice president Patrick Söderlund said that the previous generation of consoles went on too long, and that the next one will likely be shorter.

Speaking with MCV, Söderlund said, “This console cycle may have gone on a little bit longer than I would have wanted.” He continued saying, “At the same time, you have seen games like The Last of Us and GTA V at the end of a cycle which perhaps you would not have expected a few years ago. But a five, six year gap is what I expect going forward.”

The PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii generation went strong for about eight years, where the previous generation only lasted about five years by comparison.

Söderlund has recently been an outspoken voice for Electronic Arts. He recently sharing skepticism about free-to-play games on consoles.

[Source: MCV, via CVG]


Our Take
From a consumer perspective, it seems like a longer console generation is a better. Aside from not having to update expensive video game consoles as frequently, it also gives developers more time to figure out the tools of a given generation of games. The more often the console generation changes, the more often developers have to re-learn how to make games on new software and hardware. I'm hopeful that the now current generation of consoles lasts just as long as the previous, if not longer.