One of the big selling points of the Xbox One is that you can talk to it – but you don't have to. Are you using the console's voice commands?

The Xbox 360 and its Kinect were capable of receiving voice commands, but it was borderline useless. I made an effort to use it on a few occasions, but it never worked without repeated attempts and the raising of my voice. I gave up and started using the controller every time.

The Xbox One's Kinect works significantly better. It's not quite Start Trek technology where I can talk to the console using my normal speaking voice and it works every time, but I have been very impressed with its consistency and ability to recognize my voice.

I am still using the controller to select applications and for the majority of functions, but I have been using the voice commands to pause and play movies and to turn on the console. Those are functions I want to use, but the controller is usually off.

What about you? Are you using the voice commands? Or are you sticking with the controller?