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Praise These Heavenly Okami Cakes

This adorable cake version of Okami's heroine Amaterasu is the work of artist Gina Rouchy, who is both a talented baker and an amazing mom. Because her daughter is such a huge fan of Okami, Rouchy made this cake for her birthday.

For her daughter's twenty-first birthday, Rouchy created an even larger, more detailed cake featuring several characters from the Okami games. Rouchy hand-sculpted these edible marvels from spongecake and fondant (sometimes called sugar paste). You can see images of both her Okami cakes below.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

In addition to Amaterasu, this second cake also features Issun and Okamiden's protagonist Chibiterasu. Close-ups of the Issun and Chibi sections can be seen below.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

To see more of Rouchy's culinary creations,visit her deviantArt page or gallery, which includes both of her Okami-themed cakes. Rouchy has also posted an image showing various steps in the creation of the second Okami cake.

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