Deep Silver and Volition are getting ready to stuff stockings with a new batch of Christmas-themed Saints Row IV DLC. "How the Saints Save Christmas" includes three new quests, new costumes, and even a Red Rider BB gun for shooting eyes out.

The content, which is included in Saints Row IV's season pass, will be available starting December 11. Apparently, Santa has become trapped in the game's simulation, and the head of the Third Street Saints isn't especially interested in saving him. It's up to the rest of the gang to inject the Christmas spirit back into the boss and save the day for everyone. The DLC adds three new quests; a Red Rider BB gun and Christmas dubstep gun; a North Pole costume; and flying reindeer and Santa's sleigh.

In addition to releasing new in-game content, Volition is offering a few promos that can score you some holiday loot. The devs have somehow made it onto Santa's naughty list, and you can suggest what they can do as penance here. Winning entries will be acted out by the team for all to see online. There's also a "Jingle Bells" singalong, where you can show off your pipes and win a prize.


Our Take
This is good news for people who like DLC, Saints Row, and Christmas. Here's hoping that Santa makes it out of this thing in one piece. After spending all that money on an Xbox One and PS4, I'm counting on him to fill in the rest of my holiday shopping gaps.