What happens when five NFL players jump into Call of Duty: Ghosts with a fan? A lot of amusing things, but some respectable play, too.

OverDog is a service founded by former pro football player Hunter Hillenmeyer to link up pro athletes with fans in online competition. The service uses a mobile app and a subscription fee to link up the two groups.

As an example, OverDog teamed user Drew up with five athletes. In the video below, you’ll see Willis McGahee, Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, and Mark Ingram in a number of Call of Duty: Ghosts matches. For more on OverDog, check out the company’s website or download the iOS or Android app.


Our Take
I’ve never been particularly interested in “Game with Fame” events or services, but I definitely understand the allure. However, if all of the sessions are as amusing as this one, I might have to rethink that.