Corrinne Yu, former director of technology for Gearbox software, recently left her position as principle engine programmer with 343 Industries and Halo, to become a graphics coder at Naughty Dog.

Yu has always held important positions in technology. Before working with Gearbox where she prgrammed for Borderlands and Brothers in Arms, she was a lead technology director for 3D Realms and worked with non-video game companies like Apple and Intel. She developed new lighting technology for use with Halo 4 that Microsoft patented.

[Via: Gematsu, NeoGAF]


Our Take
Yu seems like the kind of programmer who can work for, or with, whomever she chooses. It's telling that she is moving over to the PlayStation side of gaming. Based on its ability to attract independent developers, and Yu's switch, Sony is increasingly becoming the video game company that developers really want to work with.