Creative Assembly has released a new patch for Total War: Rome II that adds features and fixes persistant issues.

This patch allows players to choose their graphics options and improves the framerate for the extreme graphics setting. It also fixes several AI problems, including the weak enemy sieges, units forgetting their orders, and attacking units that turned into disorganized mosh pits when coming into contact with each other.

The patch contains many more fixes and will download automatically on Steam. For the full and extensive patch notes, visit the Total War wiki.

If you haven't already, read our review for the game too.

Our Take:
Total War: Rome II had a multitude problems and glitches at launch two months ago. Many fans were and still are wildly unhappy, especially after Shogun 2 raised the bar for Creative Assembly. Hopefully, this patch will fix the issues the game had and bring back some of the fan loyalty that may have been lost.