Earlier this year Harebrained Schemes postponed the Shadowrun Returns' Berlin DLC to expand the scope. Now the developer has taken one step further, rebranding the expansion as Dragonfall.

Shadowrun Returns received a glowing review, but one of the community’s biggest gripes with the game was the inadequate save functionality. For Dragonfall, Harebrained-Schemes plans to address that inadequacy, bringing a save anywhere option for the expansion and original game come January. 

Dragonfall promises a full-length campaign in the ever-changing city of Berlin. Some of the enhancements include new weapons, enemies, game editor features, and shadowrunners – “each with their own outlook and backstory.”

Click on the image above to see the announcement for yourself. Dragonfall is a $15 expansion, but newcomers to the Shadowrun reboot can pick up the base game and the expansion for $25 altogether.