From the new Madden to A Link Between Worlds, we’ve brought you all our reviews and impressions to one convenient place. You could say we have a Knack for good review coverage.

Since last week, we’ve reviewed games for both the PlayStation 4, which launched over the weekend, and the Xbox One, but it was a 3DS title that left a spectacular impression.

Knack – Sony Computer Entertainment – Sony Japan Studio
“While I doubt Knack will ever be the public mascot for PlayStation 4, it's a well-crafted game and a quality title in the system's launch lineup.” – Matt Helgeson

Contrast – Focus Home Interactive – Compulsion Games
“Walking on the shadows projected onto walls as the real world ebbs and flows makes for an appealing premise. Unfortunately, the end product isn’t as appetizing as the pretty picture Contrast paints.” – Kimberley Wallace

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – Nintendo
“This isn’t just a tribute; as amazing as A Link to the Past is, I can’t think of a single thing A Link Between Worlds doesn’t do better.” – Dan Ryckert

Resogun – Sony – Housemarque
“It’s great for showing off your new system and acclimating to a new controller, but a dearth of content prevents Resogun from earning much praise beyond being a solid, fun launch title.” – Kyle Hilliard

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