Pictured above: not Sam Houser

Sam Houser is the mind behind Rockstar and the success of Grand Theft Auto, but he rarely speaks publicly. In a recent interview with Playboy magazine, Houser spoke about creating Grand Theft Auto and other topics.

You can head here to read the full feature. Houser covers topics like how he got into making video games, the advantages of riding your bike to work every day (even if it's snowing), getting his mother, actress Geraldine Moffat, invovled with the game, and how American Idol's Simon Cowell played an important role in his career.

Of course, Houser also talks about the pressure of building one of the world's most popular video games:

“Grand Theft Auto is a double-edged sword. The fans want bigger, better—you know, higher quality. It’s a privilege to have an audience that is demanding like that. But it’s also a challenge. You have to meet their expectations. I go to bed at night with the game there. I wake up, and that’s the first thing I see. At several points in the course of this game I’ve had to really calm myself down, because I’m at home playing with my kids, and all I can see is the f***ing game, like, running in my mind. I’m like…this isn’t ideal.”

It's an interesting interview covering a man we rarely hear from who is one of the video game industry's most important and influential members.

[Source: Playboy]