Both of the next gen consoles allow you to share your gaming experience with the world via Twitch, but there a subtle difference between how each console works. See how they compare in this infographic.

Earlier today we asked you if you've been Twitching since the release of the PS4. If you're also excited to stream your games from your Xbox One, once the service is active, then check out this infographic to see how the functionality will be different on both consoles.

In related news, Twitch has re-opened its merch store, and 100% of the proceeds are being donated to Typhoon Haiyan relief, so if you want a shirt with the word Twitch on it, now is the time to buy one.


Our Take
I'm not really that interested in showing the world how I game, but it's cool to see how this tech works across both consoles. It's certainly a neat trick for the Twitter generation.