The Xbox One launch is a mere four days away, and we have no doubt that you’re already planning on sharing your gaming escapades with your friends. We had a chance to see the Upload Studio in action a couple of weeks ago, and now you can check it out, too.

As you can see, the capture, edit, and upload process is easy to use with a combination of controller and voice. We’ve known about picture-in-picture commentary, but this is the first we’re seeing of the same feature for game clips.

The SkyDrive announcement is also new, and will serve as a way to get videos onto YouTube. As you saw, the SkyDrive app is available on the Xbox One, and files can be accessed from a PC.

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[Source: Major Nelson]


Our Take
I’m interested to check out how well the voice commands work in my home with dogs barking and kids shouting. I love the features and I’m excited for what I saw at my demo. My fingers are crossed that Kinect 2.0 works just as well at home as it did in a relatively controlled environment.