A number of readers have reported that they are having trouble connecting to the PlayStation Network. As consumers from both Eastern and Central time zones race to connect their PlayStation 4 consoles, many are eagerly awaiting the 1.5 firmware update that enables a number of features.

The two errors we’ve seen so far are E-80E80034 and NW-31453-6. The former seems to be happening after the 1.5 update. This could be related to the PlayStation Network login process, as the first thing that will happen after updating is creating or retrieving a profile.

We also experienced a very slow login process (with a "Please Wait" message showing for minutes) when attempting to stream to Twitch, though it eventually did work. Once we were in, everything seemed to be fine.

We’ll keep you posted as we find out more.


Update #1: Sony support has tweeted out the following acknowledgement of the server issues.


Update #2: Sony twitter support has offered a way to get updates on the status of PSN delivered to you.


Images courtesy of Brian Smith and Twitter user "@Rope___ "