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Join Game Informer Editors On Twitch

Now that the PlayStation 4 is out, everyone has easy access to Twitch for gameplay streaming. When you’re not putting out your own content, we thought you might like to check in on your friends here at Game Informer.

Here’s the list of editors and their Twitch channels. 

Executive editor Andrew Reiner - www.twitch.tv/madlogan007

Managing editor Matt Bertz - www.twitch.tv/mattbertz

Senior editor Jeff Cork - www.twitch.tv/traintruction

News editor Mike Futter - www.twitch.tv/PaladinXII

Video producer Ben Hanson - www.twitch.tv/yozetty

Senior features editor Matt Helgeson - www.twitch.tv/matthelgeson

Associate editor Kyle Hilliard - www.twitch.tv/KyleImpersonator

Reviews editor Joe Juba - www.twitch.tv/JoeJuba

Previews editor Matt Miller - www.twitch.tv/matthewrmiller

Senior associate editor Tim Turi - www.twitch.tv/timturi

Digital editor Bryan Vore - www.twitch.tv/bryanvore

PC editor Daniel Tack - www.twitch.tv/dansnax

Associate editor Brian Shea - www.twitch.tv/brianpshea

And, of course, the official Game Informer channel, www.twitch.tv/GameInformer.

We'll update this as more editors create channels. Thanks for watching and chatting with us.

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