Did you preorder the collector's edition of Titanfall? Was the reason that fierce Atlas titan statue? Respawn is letting you see it up close to amplify your excitement even more.

Today, Respawn revealed the Atlas titan statue in all its glory in a short video, where lead artist Joel Emslie discusses all its features.

Get an inside look at why they decided to make the statue so massive and how it captures the essence of Titanfall in the video below. 

Like what you see? There's still time to own it, as preorders are still available.

Also, if you want more insight into creating the titans, check out our video feature, Iron Giants: Titanfall's Reinvention Of Mech Combat, with Joel Emslie.


Our Take
I knew this statue was big, but actually seeing it up close really puts things in perspective. For those who love collectibles and statues, this is one that looks like it's not going to disappoint. Save some room on your shelves because you're going to want to show off this beast.