It's no secret that Game Informer executive editor Andrew Reiner is a fan of Disney Infinity. Now, Disney Interactive has taken notice and featured his Toy Box in their latest challenge video.

Reiner's Toy Box, which he built with some help from Jeff Cork, contains numerous Disney landmarks, including Scrooge McDuck's vault and Spaceship Earth. Check out an early version of it on Test Chamber.

The video also showcases five contraptions created by players in Disney Infinity's Toy Box. These creations range from giant pinball machines to intricate puzzles involving buttons. Next week's challenge will require players to build an homage to Duck Tales.

Watch the video below to see all of the winners in the contraption challenge as well as the announcement for the next challenge. All of these Toy Boxes can be downloaded by going to Disney's Toy Boxes option in the game. Also, check out Reiner's glowing review of Disney Infinity.


Our Take
These challenges continue to show Disney's commitment to the Infinity franchise and encourages players to discover the potential of the Toy Box. It's also great that they can be downloaded and explored by anybody. Wouldn't you like to take a spin in the imaginative creation of Andrew Reiner?