Dark, a game we said was, "a frustrating mess," is getting some DLC.

Cult of the Dead follows the continuing adventures of Eric Bane, picking up where the story left off, as he learns about the mysterious Book of the Dead, which gives players the power to control death and its creatures. The DLC adds a new mission, new stealth and vampiric skills that you can try in five new maps in the new challenge mode, the new deadly sniper enemy, and a new boss: The Cultist.

You can read our review of Dark here. The DLC is coming to PC first for $4.99 on December 5, and coming to Xbox 360 shortly after that.

You can check out the full press release on page two.

Our Take
I'm a little surprised to see Dark getting DLC. We were not fans of the game, scoring it a two in our review. I'm sure the game has its fans, though, who are excited to play some more of Mr. Bane's story.