We've known that the PlayStation 4 will offer the option for users to share their real names with friends. Today we saw one way that will work.

Sony showed off some of the new ways you'll be connecting with existing friends and meeting new ones. The PlayStation 4's front page when you boot up the console is the new "What's New" feed. This is similar to what's featured on the PlayStation 3, except fleshed out with your recent activities and those of your friends.

As you play online, you'll start populating the "Players Met" tab of the social area. You can also check out your friends, their tropies, and even their friends. You might also find an invitation from a friend asking you to share your real name.

You'll have the option to approve or decline that, so you'll only be sharing your name with people you know. You never need to give anyone your real name if you don't want to.

Sony is touting the PlayStation 4 as a social console, and the streamlined features of the PlayStation Network go a long way to supporting that claim. Improved messaging features, Vita and PS4 cross-chat, and a simpler way to find that person who you beat in that last Injustice fight to send them a "good game" note all elevate the PlayStation experience.