The Titanfall Collector’s Edition is loaded with tangible collectibles. If you’re excited for Respawn Entertainment’s first title (as we are), the $250 collector’s bundle might be for you.

In addition to the diorama we shared a picture of earlier this week, the collector’s edition comes with a schematic poster of the Atlas class Titans. The blueprint measures 27 inches by 36 inches and features a number of details about this model.

(Click to enlarge.)

For more on the Titanfall collector’s edition, check out our recent coverage. Titanfall arrives on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC on March 11, 2013. In case you missed the news, these are the only platforms this game is coming to.


Our Take
I’m glad that Respawn is showing more detail on the different pieces of the collector’s edition. $250 is a lot to ask, especially since this is a brand new franchise. Having played it, I’m confident that Titanfall is going to deliver on its promises. I can understand people being skeptical about the collector’s edition if they haven’t had a chance to try the game, though.