This morning, Sony released a new iOS match-three game that can earn players in-game rewards for the PlayStation 4 launch title Knack. The title is free to download.

The concept will be familiar to anyone who has played Bejeweled or any other gem-matching game. Knack’s Quest puts players on a timer that is bolstered by scoring combos. The particulate protagonist also has two super-moves that are charged by collecting sunstones.

Knack can clear a chain of connected, identical gems at the cost of one full sunstone icon. He can also clear all of a gem type by using all three. The goal is to level up three times by collecting a set number of objects via matching.

The different areas change up the gameplay a bit. For instance, the Icy Caves include frozen gems that don’t count toward your total right away, as they need to thaw.

By collecting enough objects (by leveling up your profile), you can augment Knack’s in-game abilities on the PlayStation 4. The app is available right now for download. For more on Knack, check out a video interview with designer Mark Cerny.


Our Take
These companion apps are hit or miss, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played of Knack’s Quest so far. Without having played the console version, I can’t attest to how much of a difference the app-based rewards make, but as a standalone free title, it’s worth your time.