You may be the recipient of $500,000, and you don't even need to worry about any make-believe Nigerian princes. Rockstar has announced that it's rolling out the first part of its GTA Online stimulus packages starting today.

The in-game windfall is being sent along as thanks for sticking with GTA Online following the game's launch issues. To be eligible, players have to download the game's latest update (which is now available), and they had to have played the game at some point in October. Rockstar says payments could take a few days to circulate to the entirety of the GTA Online community, so be patient.


Our Take
I was bummed out about GTA Online's botched launch, but I wasn't expecting much beyond a "Sorry" from Rockstar. This is a great way to accelerate my way to virtual home ownership. It certainly beats shooting people in scrapyards for hours.