According to The Hollywood Reporter, the mediocre Square Enix video game series is still on track for a film adaptation, and some big names are circling the project.

With F. Gary Gary (Friday, The Negotiator) attached to direct, Gerard Butler may be considering joining to play the role of Kane. The film studio behind the project, Millennium, has reportedly reached out to Vin Diesel to play the role of Lynch as well. Gary has worked with both actors in the past, directing Butler in Law Abiding Citizen and Diesel in A Man Apart

Kane & Lynch has had a rough birth in Hollywood. Lion's Gate originally had the rights for the film in 2007, and was considering casting Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx in the title roles. 

Our Take:

The escaped death row inmates offer an intriguing level of drama, which is why this project is still alive despite the series never reaching a mainstream audience thanks to subpar efforts from developer I/O Interactive. These projects tend to circulate for years before getting made or put to bed, so until Millennium announces the major cast members are locked in I wouldn't count on this getting to the silver screen.