Sometimes you just want to conquer a world that looks more familiar. Firaxis Games has heard your cries, taking cues from the popular Civ mods to deliver another map pack faithful to Earth's geography.

The Scrambled Nations pack, available today, offers geographically accurate maps of Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Scandinavia, Turkey, Russia, China, Australia, and Japan. Though the outlines of these regions stay true to the world map, Firaxis is using a script to randomize the interiors to keep gameplay fresh. 

If you haven't played Civilization V or its expansions, Gods and Kings and Brave New World, we highly suggest you do. You can grab the Scrambled Nations or the previously released Scrambled Continents map pack for $4.99. 


Our Take
The strategy genre seemingly becomes more niche has time goes by, but it's good to see a legendary title like Civilization continue to thrive. Its remarkable track record over the years since its creation in 1991 has led to a faithful community eager to check out each new release. These Scrambled map packs seem like a good deal, considering they'll set you back less than a plate of scrambled eggs at a local diner.