Stuart Harris, a graphic designer who creates artistic of video game images, has done it again with a tribute to Anubis from the Zone Of Enders series. The frightening Orbital Frame of BAHRAM Colonel Ridley "Nohman" Hardiman still looks intimidating as ever, but there is also a majestic quality in Harris' interpretation.

Anubis plays a pivotal role in the two Zone of the Enders titles, and its appearance serves as a foil to Jehuty, the protagonists' orbital frame. At the end of the first Zone of the Enders game, Anubis is absolutely invincible and cannot be defeated. In Zone of the Enders 2, its pilot, Nohman, becomes insane. Creator Hideo Kojima's use of the twin Orbital Frames as distorted reflections of one another is similar to his approach to Solid and Liquid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series.

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