Nintendo Video, the 3DS app that automatically downloads short 3D videos chosen by Nintendo to the handheld console, is offering five new comedic shorts starting tomorrow. The Legend of Zelda: The Misadventures of Link takes place in the Wind Waker universe and explores the lighter, funnier side of Link. Pikmin Nature Documentaries is a fake nature documentary series that examines the Pikmin in their natural habitat.

Other shows include Wildheart RiuKiu, a 16-bit show involving ninja puppets from the creator of the popular Meat or Die series, Bravest Warrior from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, and Bee and PuppyCat, a two-part series about an unemployed young adult who meets a mysterious creature.

The first of these videos will be available starting November 1 and will continue to roll out into 2014.


Our Take:
I find it inconvenient that Nintendo Video downloads videos automatically instead of allowing users to choose the ones they want. But besides Bravest Warrior and Bee and PuppyCat, which are both available on Youtube, this is the only way to watch these shorts. I am personally very interested in the fake nature documentary about Pikmin.