Double Fine is hosting the Day of the Devs Festival, which will give the public their first hands-on with Broken Age, as well as games from a number of other independent developers. Ahead of the festival, which takes place November 2, the video game tracking service Raptr will be hosting a Q&A session with many of the festival's developer participants.

The developers participating in the Q&A will take questions from users. You can check out the list of confirmed attendees below.

  • Nick Chester (Harmonix)
  • Bennett Foddy (QWOP)
  • Chris Hecker (SpyParty)
  • Jean-François Major (Tribute Games)
  • Tim Rogers (Action Button)
  • Tim Schafer (Double Fine)
  • Nathan Vella (Capy Games)
  • Douglas Wilson (Die Gute Fabrik)

The Q&A will take place from 10 AM - 5 PM pacific time on Thursday, October 31, and you will be able to check it out here. You can find out more about the Day of the Devs festival by heading here.

Our Take
Anything that highlights the efforts of talented independent video game developers is a good thing. There are a few unannounced projects planned for reveal at the festival, so I am excited to see what everyone has up their sleeves.