Over the weekend, we shared with you a teaser that appeared on Sega’s Facebook Page. Now the blanks have been filled in, and Typing of the Dead: Overkill is out on Steam.

The original Dreamcast title was a goofy spinoff of Sega’s classic House of the Dead light gun series. Instead of shooting zombies, the hordes of undead were defeated by accurate touch typing.

The words in this version are randomized, and a co-op mode is planned as post-launch DLC. Typing of the Dead: Overkill is a port of the PS3’s House of the Dead with the typing mechanics substituting in for other controls.

If you want some other suggestions to polish up on your finger gymnastics, we recently featured Notch’s new, devilishly difficult typing game, Drop. We also rounded up a number of games intended to help you become a better typist (including Typing of the Dead), in case you need even more practice.

[Source: Steam]


Our Take
Typing of the Dead always struck me as a silly game, but the concept has legs (unlike some of the undead). More of us spend significant portions of our days in front of a computer, and giving us a chance to show off our words-per-minute would make for some interesting bragging rights. Fingers are crossed that the shambling husk of the (fictional) Mavis Beacon makes an appearance.