Normally $15.99, the iOS version of Final Fantasy IV is currently on sale for $7.99. The 50 percent price cut is a limited-time offer that ends November 12th. Four additional languages, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, and Thai, are now available for download as well.  

The game’s sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, will also be available for iOS devices starting in November.

Our Take

This is an excellent time for owners of iOS devices to pick up Final Fantasy IV, especially considering the impending release of The After Years. My experience with the game is on the Nintendo DS, but the recent iOS and Android ports have been well-received. If this price cut is ever extended to Android systems, I'll definitely download the game for my phone. Final Fantasy IV is a wonderful game that's still entertaining in spite of its age. Any iOS users who've never played the game should capitalize on this opportunity.