Lightning Returns' director says that Square Enix has discussed having one of the company's Eidos studios develop a Final Fantasy game.

In an interview with OXM, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII gameplay director Yuji Abe said, "Obviously, Square Enix bought out Eidos a number of years ago, and now we have direct access to American development teams," observed Abe. "That's certainly been discussed within the company, the possibility of say, Eidos or maybe someone else to look after or maybe take on the Final Fantasy series.

"And we obviously haven't decided anything concrete, but if we find the right team of developers, the right people who really wanted to do it, and we had the right game, then yes, certainly we'd think about it."

Currently, Eidos only has one studio based in America, Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics. It does, however, have other western studios, including Eidos Montreal and I/O Interactive in Denmark.

[Source: OXM via Gamespot]

Our Take:
If you would have told me a decade ago that there was a chance there would be a Final Fantasy game developed by Crystal Dynamics, I would have said you were crazy. Still, times change and I think it's good that Square Enix is at least considering trying out new things with the franchise.